We Help Kids Find and Follow Jesus!

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Helping Children Find and Follow Jesus

First McKinney Children's Ministry is committed to sharing the story of Jesus with children and their families. Our desire is to help kids find and follow Jesus. Each Bible lesson is tailored to the age of your child by providing activities and worship that helps your child apply God’s Word to his or her life.

We are committed to providing a secure, safe and well-equipped environment for children where they can find many different ways to connect with God. We are blessed to minister out of a huge children's building with a 100 gallon fish tank, tree fort themed upstairs, large amphitheater and 4 playgrounds, including an indoor ocean themed. We offer a variety of ministry opportunities to make the Bible relevant to each child. Our ministry team is available to help you and we are excited to serve together with you. We hope you will consider us part of your family. Let us know how we can help your family find and follow Jesus!

Mission Statement:

“The Children’s Ministry of First McKinney exists to make the Biblical message meaningful and appropriate for children from birth to 5th grade by building a foundation for each child’s present and future spiritual development which ultimately results in a child’s profession of faith in Jesus as a personal Savior at the appropriate time.”

Core Values:

  1. Development of the total child within the context of a Christian perspective to help each child become all God has created him/her to be.
  2. Well-trained teachers who are committed to loving and teaching children and are authentic Christian role models.
  3. Age appropriate teacher-child ratios, dynamic small & large group experiences, and appropriate age grouping to optimize the learning experience for each child.
  4. Developmentally appropriate Bible teaching, which goes beyond facts and involves life application of the Scripture with significance placed on maximizing faith development for all children each time they are at church.
  5. A secure, safe and well-equipped environment for children that enhances the teaching/learning process.
  6. Support for families that enables them to partner with the church in providing effective Christian education for children.