Walk for Orphans

Walk for Orphans

Walk Day Schedule

8:45-9:15am Late Registration for Walk
9:15-10:30am Worship Service
10:30-10:45am Walk Participants to Starting Line
10:45am Walk for Orphans begins
  (Participants walk to Towne Lake and back - 3miles)
12:00pm Baptism (Click HERE to schedule baptism)
12:15pm Tailgate Celebration
1:30pm Clean-up





Pledge Instructions

  • Walk for Orphans Participants click HERE to register.
  • Late Registration for the walk will be at 8:45-9:15am on the day of the walk.

Participants should give donation online prior to the race or bring money on the day of the race. Participants will be able to give cash or make an online donation on the day of the race.

Donations will be reflected on a participants giving statement.

Goal: $15,000

$7,500    Lifesong Adoption Fund
$2,500    Lifesong Zambia
$2,500    Lifesong Bolivia
$2,500    25Project (Dominican Republic)
The Children's Ministry will partner with Walk for Orphans and is encouraging families to participate by purchasing a pair of closed toed shoes and filling the shoes with money as a way to benefit and bring awareness for Walk for Orphans. Families are to bring their donated shoes filled with money on the day of the walk to the Children's Building. All shoes collected will be donated to Buckner Shoes for Orphan Soles.


Walk Day Instructions

  • Please park in the back Children’s Building parking lot. Please arrive early because the walk will begin by the baseball field. As a result, the south entrance of the parking lot will be closed down prior to the walk.
  • All Walk for Orphans participants will gather for service in the Worship Center, the Chapel or the Rock at 9:15am. Don’t miss this exciting time of praise and prayer.
  • All Walk for Orphans participants will meet at the starting line at 10:45am.
  • Participants will walk down to Towne Lake, around the lake and back between 10:45am and 12:00pm. We will then celebrate together with baptism and a tailgate party. Please plan to bring your lunch!
  • The walking route will be clearly marked with barricades and directions.
  • All participants must walk in the designated walking path. Traffic will still be using South Graves Street. 
  • For the safety of all, please do not run, jog, ride a bike or a scooter during the race. Strollers or wagons for young children will be acceptable. Also, please do not bring your dog for the walk. 
  • Participants are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny or bring rain gear if it’s rainy. The walk would only be cancelled due to severe storms that   include lightning.  We will continue the walk in the rain.


  • The walking path will be clearly marked.
  • All participants will be required to stay within the walking path. Families should keep a close eye on children. Families should stay together on the route.
  • Police officers will assist with the crosswalks at Rockhill Rd and Wilson Creek. All participants should follow their directions.
  • Medical Personnel will be on site at all times. A medical team member will be riding a golf cart along the route.
  • Water stations will be available at Towne Lake.  Bathrooms are available in the Children’s Building or at Towne Lake.

Items to bring for Walk Day

  1. Donation (if participants haven’t already donated online)
  2. A water bottle
  3. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats
  4. Rain gear (if weather requires)
  5. Appropriate walking shoes