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Adam Porter 

Facilities & Operation Director

Adam joined our church as a part-time audio tech before moving into a full time maintenance engineer position.  He currently serves as the Facilities Director overseeing the maintenance, custodial services, and event preparations for the church.  His mission is to provide a clean and safe facility for our community to gather in fellowship and find respite from the realities of life that face us everyday.  Adam and his bride, Lindsay, have three children: Dawson, Emily and Will.  When he is not working, he enjoys playing guitar and listening to music, woodworking, and being outdoors.  

  • Favorite Book (Besides the Bible):  Facility Management for Dummies, 101 Things You Can Fix With Duct Tape, and What's This Tool Used For and Other Things You Should Know About Home Maintenance.  I don't enjoy reading...
  • Favorite Hobby or Past-time: Listening to Music, Playing Guitar, Woodworking, and Being Outdoors
  • Favorite Snack Food: A crisp apple or fresh spinach.  But really just Gummy Bears
  • Favorite movie from your childhood: The Toy Story series.  It has stood the test of time and my kids love it too!
  • Fun Fact: I have a large collection of new and old vinyl records.

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