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Regathering Update & Plan


It was good for my soul to be with many of you for the drive-in service on Sunday. I was reminded of the incredible people that make up our church family. Many of you have expressed to me your positive emotions as it relates to the day. I'm excited to worship together again soon. 

I want to share with you the phased Regathering Plan that our team put together and has continued to tweak over the past few months. Currently, we are functioning in Phase 2. We tentatively plan to move to Phase 3 in June and Phase 4 in August. These dates are flexible and will shift as we continue to monitor information moving forward.
Our team is listening well to government leaders, medical professionals, and is in constant communication with other church leaders. Our goal is to take the wisest steps forward for the sake of the Gospel in our unique church. Some larger churches have announced that they will not gather again until August. Some smaller churches have already started to gather. Many variables affect what is best for us, including our multigenerational makeup, virus spread in our community, the size of the gatherings we lead, etc. 
Phase 2 encourages our adult Life Groups that are not in the at-risk demographic to begin to meet in physically creative ways. Yesterday, we talked with our Life Group leaders about potential next steps. We will continue to extend grace to people who feel the need to continue to meet online only. If you are not yet part of a Life Group and would like to get involved, email me back with the subject: "I want to connect to a Life Group."
This coming Sunday, we will offer an on-campus service only for our high school graduates and their three guests. They have received information to register for the service. The rest of the church will join through live feed online only. The service will be physically distanced. We realize that the room will feel very different. We believe we will learn a lot this week about how and when we will be able to lead quality, physically distanced worship gatherings. When this happens, we will also continue to offer a high quality online worship experience for those who feel this is the best option for them.
I want to continue to ask you to:
  1. Pray for wisdom for those making decisions around our plans to regather.
  2. Extend grace to those who believe differently than you on how to handle regathering during this time.
  3. Pursue connection in appropriate ways with our church family. 

As I close, I want to assure you that our energy and focus this summer will not be on the regathering plan. We must stay focused on the mission God has given us to make disciples of all nations, starting in our city. We are watching our church step up to sacrificially love their neighbors during this unique season of need. I believe these opportunities to serve will only grow. McKinney needs Jesus' church to continue to stay outwardly focused. Help me turn our conversations and our time outward. What is so important at this time is our faith (in Jesus) expressing itself through love. 
Honored to serve as your pastor. More excited than ever about our future. 

Sam Holm
Lead Pastor
First McKinney

Additional Downloads
Regathering Plan.pdf
Keeping the Campus Safe.pdf


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One Heart McKinney

 Click HERE to access the myriad of services available to our community including access to healthcare, food, housing, school and jobs. Find up-to-date information from the organizations working to help our community through this crisis, or to make a donation.

Collin County residents are invited to utilize FREE drive-thru COVID-19 testing clinics this week in McKinney (Wednesday, May 20) and Plano (Thursday, May 21).

The testing clinics are the result of a joint effort between Collin County, Collin College, the city of Plano, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. As part of the program, drive-thru testing will be available in various Collin County communities approximately every two weeks.

All tests are by appointment only, and people can register by phone at (512-883-2400) or online at

To be eligible, residents must have one or more of the following symptoms of COVID-19: fever, chills, cough, fatigue, body aches, muscle or joint pain, shortness of breath, sore throat, headaches, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, or loss of taste and/or smell.


  • Wednesday, May 20     |     10:00am - 4:00pm

          Collin County Russell Steindam Courthouse, 2100 Bloomdale Road, McKinney, 75071

  • Thursday, May 21     |     10:00am - 4:00pm

          Collin College Spring Creek Campus, 2800 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, 75074