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Join us this Sunday ONLINE ONLY at 10:45am

Out of love for our neighbors who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, this Sunday we will not gather at our building for worship, instead, we will host one online-only service at 10:45 am.  Below are several links to help you be part of the service.



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Church Updates

Emailed 3-24-2020 5:50pm

Encouraged & Working Hard

Church Family,

I am so encouraged by stories I have heard of church members already serving and loving our church family and community for the sake of the Gospel. I am also proud to let you know that the staff and leadership here at First McKinney have been working creatively and intentionally to help us make disciples who live and love like Jesus during this unique season. 
I know that many of your families have already been affected. What is happening in our culture is serious. We are asking God to supernaturally stop the advance of the virus. We are also asking Him to provide for His people during a time of economic unrest.  
Over the last week, we have brainstormed around how to best be the Church today. The message doesn’t change – Jesus. But the methods of sharing Jesus are radically changing as we speak…
We have recreated our Sunday experiences in our Life Groups and Worship. We have spent time brainstorming how we can do what the Church has done since Pentecost Acts 2:42 Devoting itself to the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer.  And, our amazing ministry leaders have directed us to existing creative content for all age groups as well as created additional content on the fly. 
I am also excited to let you know that our staff team has rallied together to help serve one another. We have temporarily re-organized a bit to help in key areas specific to this unique season.  This includes a Care Team, Content Team, Communications Team, and Operations Team to spread out some of the new weight we are carrying. Yesterday and today, these teams met for the first time to brainstorm and act.
As we move forward, we believe that God is calling us to make our ministry circles smaller during this season.  Our focus will be on helping:  #1 – You, #2 – Your Home, and #3 – Your Neighbors – to live and love like Jesus. 
This starts with you and your time with Jesus every day in prayer and His Word. Not one of us can make it through this season on our own strength and still see fruit. So, be sure you are drinking deep of Jesus (John 4:14) through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Yesterday, I was in a meeting with our Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Manager and two other pastors where I received an update on the current state of affairs. Remember, fear sees the crisis... faith sees the opportunity. Two weeks ago, the sermon streaming software we use saw over 15k salvations. This week, the software reported 22k salvations. Praising God! Revival is happening in our nation even amidst a pandemic.
In the meeting, Mark Turman, Sr. Pastor at Crosspoint, said these words: “We need to stop using the words ‘social distancing’ and start using the words ‘physical distancing.’” I agree!
We need real relationships more now than ever. Husbands and wives show love right now to each other. Parents get real-time with your children. Bake some warm food and drop it on your neighbor’s porch. Write a letter to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Everyone - go love your neighbor!
This is when we step up to be the Church. The Church is a body, not a building. The Church is a people, not a place. Reach out to the people you are going through life with (for us, that is our Life Group and neighbors). Ask them how they are doing and listen to what they say. Laugh together. Cry together. Pray together.
Yesterday we launched call teams to people in our church. I have already received multiple comments. Here is one:
“Thank you, FBC! We got a call today from Kelly asking if we needed any help! It was so thoughtful and kind. We are doing ok and [our family member] can help us but it blew my mind. Go love your neighbor is real!”
Grateful to lock shields with you as we head into battle for the name of Jesus. 

“We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.” -  Apostle Paul