incredible Fridays

6:00-9:00pm     |     Children's Building

Incredible Fridays is a monthly respite ministry for families that have children with special needs. Parents bring their  children, including siblings without disabilities, to First McKinney for three hours once a month. Parents can use this time to do whatever they want – shop, go on a date, relax. The program is free.

2022 Fall Opportunties

Step 1: Complete Annual Family Application
Step 2: Register for Upcoming Events

2023 Spring Opportunities

January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21

More About Incredible Fridays
  • This program grew out of First McKinney’s “Kids Incredible” program (Sunday am/Wednesday pm-has their own room in the Children's Building). There is no age limit to this respite program. We do not require families to be or become church members. Volunteers do show God’s love to these children during all activities.
  • Volunteers are the backbone of this ministry. We try to have one volunteer per each special needs child and one volunteer per 4-5 siblings. Younger siblings will have nursery care with paid workers.
  • We believe in inclusion, not separation. We want the children to mingle with one another but there will also be a quiet area with less stimulation for those children that need it.
  • We know parents are the best trainers for their children. Parents know their child's needs and know how to best deal with any situation or issue. We ask parents to spend 3-5 minutes at the beginning of each evening to talk with their child's volunteer about their child.

How can I help?
  • First, and most importantly, you can pray about all aspects of this new ministry.
  • You can volunteer! Once a month or once a year.
  • You can have someone come talk to your Life Group about Incredible Fridays to spread the word and get more volunteers. Your Life Group can provide volunteers for one month or provide dinner for the volunteers for one month.
  • You can spread the word in our community about this program. We have flyers that you can distribute.
  • Your Life Group can donate gift cards to local restaurants or movie theaters for the parents of these children to use on their night off.
Contact: Lucy Wilson