First McKinney MEN

Helping men gain moMENtum as they follow Christ daily


May 3, Gym   |   Cost:  $5
Doors open 6:00am (Food line begins 6:15am)
Menu: Breakfast tacos from Rudy’s BBQ, Coffee, Orange Juice, Fruit
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Speaker: Justin Hornsby, Worship Pastor
Join us for our Monthly Men’s Breakfast. Each month we will be taking a look at one of "the 12" Disciples as we get to know these ordinary men, who were Christ’s strategy for spreading the Gospel. Come find out which disciple will be our focus this month. 

Tuesday, 8:00pm or Thursday, 6:00am
These groups meet every other week to read the Bible, discuss and then apply to their life as men.



Becoming Who GOD Says You Are!
Altar Ego, by Craig Groeschel

This study is intended to help you and me understand our identity in Christ. Too many times we allow culture, past experiences and even selfish ambition to identify us. So, you are not who others think you are, you are not even who you think you are. We will be challenged to take our own identity and lay it down on the altar and sacrifice it. Until you’ve sacrificed your broken concept of your identity, you won’t become who you are meant to be.

Who are the men that can join you to discover our true identity? Find some men and form a group to walk thru 5 sessions.  Today, ask them and pick a day of the week to meet and discuss the content of the video. You will need one person to facilitate, this is super easy. Email to get a few things to equip you.  Don’t, wait! Email me now!!! There are some cool tools to help make this super simple for you and your group!!!  


Contact Andy Bush if you have any questions.  Also, if you know of anyone who would like to be included in future emails, please send me their email address and I’ll add them to the distribution list.