Bible Reading Plan

In 2018, we want to invite you to join First McKinney as we read through the Bible together. We have partnered with the Bible for Life to design a reading plan that can be found on the YouVersion Bible App (search “Read the Bible for Life 4+1 Plan”.) Below You will find the links to YouVersion and downloadable pdf’s of the readings.

In just a little over 300 days you will read through the entire Bible by reading from 4 different places each day. By starting in mid-February and spending around 13 minutes each day reading the 5 entries for that day, at the end of the year, you will have read the whole Bible and Psalms 2x. The advantage of this type of plan is that you will be exposed to various parts of the Old and New Testaments simultaneously, which will keep your reading fresh and remind you of “the whole counsel of God!”

We encourage you to start with us in February that way we can be connected as we read through the Bible together.  However if you are not able to start on time you can find what day/date we are on using the pdf and read along and then go back, or just start at day one and re-adjust the dates as you go.

Downloads and Resources

The YouVersion Bible App (for smart phones/tablets)

Read the bible for life Bible 4 +1 plan on Youversion 
If you search for the plan on directly through YouVersion (to do this click the plans button on the bottom of the app) make sure you get the "Bible for Life 4+1 plan":


Downladbale PDF's

SPRING (February-May)

SUMMER (June-August)

FALL (September-December)

Need help learning how to study you Bible?  Here is a helpful guide


Parents here is a reading plan for your kids also:

Kids Spring (February-May)  


Sermon Notes:

Did you know we load the sermon notes on YouVersion live?  Search for FirstMcKinney under the live section in your youversion app

If you are lost or started early/late here is how you change your plan in YouVersion to be in sync with Sam and others:
How to move your plan start date:


Need more help with yourversion:


How to study your Bible

Most people believe that personal Bible study is critical for spiritual growth. However, they don’t know how to get started, and they feel overwhelmed. As a result, they decide they need someone else to explain what God’s Word says and miss out on the incredible blessing of hearing God speak directly to them through the Bible.

Here is a one way of many that you can use to study your Bible daily:

Click for pdf 


There are additional resources located on this page to help you grow closer to God in your Bible study.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at


Additional Resources

Recommended Books:

  • 30 Days to Understanding the Bible (by Max Anders) Understand in a basic way how the Bible is put together. Awesome foundation for everyone’s personal Bible study. 
  • Living By the Book (by Howard Hendricks)  Gives an inductive approach to studying scripture along with unique procedures for observation that will lead  to rich time with Jesus in His Word.


Bible Reading Plans and Websites:

  • One Year Bible:
  • com: Many diverse reading plan options that can also be pulled up on your smart phone or tablet.
  • ESV Bible Reading Plans: Find a plan that fits you. Easy to print out these plans to keep in your Bible.

Get Connected:

FIRST MCKINNEY is a gathering of many smaller groups called Life Groups. These groups look a lot like the New Testament Church. In these groups, we devote ourselves to what the Bible teaches - to fellowship, to breaking bread and to prayer. We base our teaching on God’s Word and want to invite you to join a Life Group and dive into Scripture with other believers. Go to for a current Life Group listing. Email if additional information is needed.