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Outdoor Classroom

FBLC recognizes the value of Outdoor Learning and how beneficial this is to the child’s development. Evidence shows that learning in an outdoor classroom can have a motivating effect on young people and a beneficial impact on learning, understanding, behavior and overall health.

What is an Outdoor Classroom?

  • Opportunity to experience nature and bring learning to life
  • A gathering place for teachers and students
  • Opportunity to take calculated risks and explore curiosities
  • Opportunity to initiate own learning, with the availability of teacher support
  • Supports multiple developmental domains- ( spiritual, language & literacy, social & emotional, math, science, music and motor development)


  • Supports creativity
  • Enhances cognitive abilities- (critical thinking and problem solving, use of all senses, imagination)
  • Improves educational experience for tactile learners
  • Freedom to move
  • Students learn by doing, taking a “hands- on” approach
  • Curriculum evolves and changes based on the needs and interests of the children.

How will teachers be engaged?

Staff opportunities:

  • provide input and feedback
  • contribute and maintain
  • Given resources/training

Teachers role:

  • Observing
  • Documenting
  • Responding
  • Supporting