5th Sunday Seminars

5th Sunday Seminars

Mar 31, 9:15 & 10:45am

Teaching your Child or Teen about Purity, Sex and Relationships
Dr. Melissa Ewing, Minister of Marriage & Family     |   Room 2110
Your child’s world is completely different than the one you remember from your own childhood. The influence of technology/social media is rapidly redefining relationships in the 21st century. Learn how to broach topics about sex and purity from a Biblical perspective and receive practical tips to help you talk openly with your child or teen, while establishing important boundaries regarding social media, friendships and dating relationships.


How to Manage Stress Before It's Too Late ...a Holistic Approach
Audrey Hardin, MS, LPC     |    Annex 1A

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball...or 2...or 10. When we aren't prepared, we end up relying on our limited experience and stamina to bail us out. Audrey will walk through a holistic model for living above the frays of life to avoid absolute burnout. Join us as we discuss practical ways to dig yourself out and experience hope again!


Caring for your Aging Parents or Loved Ones
Randy Morlan, Minister to Senior Adults/Pastoral Care     |     Annex 3B

Planning for the future can be a daunting task. There are proactive decisions that can make the aging process a smoother and more predictable journey. Learn the key decisions you can make today to plan for your own future or the future of your aging loved ones. Be prepared to have these discussions now before you reach the crisis of tomorrow. (This is a preview of the in-depth class that will be offered in the fall)