2019/2020 Mission Initiatives

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     Josh and Courtney Willis
     First McKinney Church Members

Mission Regan began in the hearts of Josh and Courtney Willis in 2010 when they met a very sick little boy named Regan in an orphanage while in Uganda. Regan had a simple case of pneumonia but the nurses expected it would end his life because the proper medication was not available to them. But, the medication that Regan needed was the same medication that Josh had in his suitcase! A month before they left, Josh noticed the pediatric clinic where he worked was throwing away medicine that was nearing expiration. He asked if he could take it to Uganda, and the doctors/owners agreed to donate the expired meds. Even before the Willis’ met Regan, God was providing for his healing!

Josh and Courtney were amazed by how God chose to provide for Regan and overwhelmed by the thought that something considered to be trash in Texas was lifesaving for someone in need on the other side of the world. The story of Regan that only God could have orchestrated changed Josh and Courtney’s lives forever…and Mission Regan was established as a ministry to collect supplies, medication and medical equipment to provide for those in desperate need both globally and locally.

Over the past 10 years, Mission Regan has grown as they have sent supplies throughout the world, but Josh and Courtney also saw a need here locally. Mission Regan began to meet the needs of families throughout our community by supplying donated medical equipment and supplies to people throughout Collin County and North Texas. Whether it is delivering a used wheel chair to a veteran on Christmas morning or helping supply medical equipment to a father that was struck by a car, Mission Regan is there to meet the needs of those who cannot afford help. The Willis family and Mission Regan is committed to meeting needs and building relationships so they might share Jesus with our community.

It’s apparent that God has even more in store. A local land developer wants to help solve their warehouse space issues. Working with this developer, Mission Regan is planning to build a 9,000-10,000 square foot warehouse in McKinney. First McKinney is committed to helping see the local impact of Mission Regan expand through this warehouse. We are excited about the future of Mission Regan and the blessing it will be for both our local community and our partners around the world.



     Church Plant Partner
     Denver, Colorado
     Chris Phillips, Pastor

At First McKinney, we believe church planting is one of the primary ways to spread the gospel and make disciples. Throughout the years we have been part of planting churches in McKinney, Wyoming, Arizona and many more places in our nation. In 2018, we partnered with Strategic Launch Network to help with a new church plant in Stapelton, Colorado where Chris Phillips pastors Journey Point Church. This new church plant is located just outside Denver in a fast growing master-planned community where 99% of the people in Stapleton have no religious affiliation and no church home in the community.

Last spring, First McKinney sent a team to help with the start of Journey Point. It was through this trip that we were able to help with an Easter Community Celebration as well as a Prayer Walk through Stapleton. As part of the Prayer Walk we placed door hangers on houses throughout the community. Through this simple act of kindness, several families began attending and made Journey Point their church home. As the church continues to meet needs and grow relationships in the community, they are seeing many people come to a faith in Jesus. This summer five people that were initially contacted through the spring Prayer Walk actually came to faith and were baptized.

God has called us to make a difference in our nation and beyond. Through church planting and specifically Journey Point we are living out that call as a church. Much like Crosspoint in McKinney or Wellspring Church in Phoenix, we want to plant churches that are able to support themselves and then in turn plant churches. Today God has given us a “God-size” vision to be a part of helping plant a new church every year. Through Journey Point, lives are being changed, and we are excited for the future of other church plants God calls us to support.



     Jie Tribe
     Unreached people group
     Karamoga Region

It’s not easy to get to the town of Kotido. Located in far northeast Uganda, the last 100 miles is on unpaved roads. Water comes from wells, sometimes miles away. Electricity is coming next year. The Jie (pronounced G.A.) tribe lives in the villages outside Kotido, and are an unreached people group. 

Rainbow Mike grew up 50 miles west of Kotido as a member of the Acholi tribe, enemies of the Jie. When he was young, raiding Jie warriors killed his uncle. However, in 2004 at age 21, God called him to serve the street boys of the tribe who killed his uncle by starting Shalom Home. At first, it was a mud brick hut and a few boys. Today, it’s a 3 1/2 acre compound meeting the needs of 50 children. Early on, Rainbow Mike knew that education was vital for these boys so there has always been an emphasis on providing school fees for these vulnerable children. Some of them actually began first grade when they were already teenagers! Discipleship programs have flowed naturally since then. One of the greatest challenges is deciding which children should live at Shalom Home. With limited resources, some children must stay on the streets. Children come from as far as 30 miles away to get to Kotido. However, when orphaned, they gravitate to town where there is more opportunity for survival.

Shalom Home’s capacity has grown, but every day some are turned away, and infrastructure needs are pressing. The greatest need is a new latrine block and bathing facilities. However, they also need to complete their kitchen and finish a meeting area. First McKinney has committed to helping this unreached people group through the Shalom ministry and Rainbow Mike, but we have also partnered with the Meador family as they have established a church plant in this region. These partnerships further our mission by meeting needs and growing relationships in an effort to share Jesus and teach obedience.