Launch Sunday

LAUNCH SUNDAY  Sept 13, 2020

Followers of Jesus are disciples, and disciples are disciple-makers.

In-person and online worship: 9:15 & 10:45am
 9:15am      Life Groups
                   Children's Ministry
                   Middle School

10:45am    Life Groups
                   Children's Ministry
                   High School 

No RSVP needed this Sunday. Seating and overflow spaces will be arranged for physical distancing. Please wear a mask and join us at either 9:15 or 10:45am.
7 things to remember this Sunday:
   1)  Preschool Ministries will be offered at both hours, but space is limited to two classes per age at each worship time.
   2)  Children's Ministries will meet in large group settings for Bible Study at both worship times.
   3)  Youth will meet in their respective hours for Bible Study - Middle School at 9:15am and High School at 10:45am.
   4)  Life Groups will be taking place at both hours with room cleanings in between each.  More Information
   5)  Worship, Life Group, Youth, and Kids Spaces will be cleaned between hours.
   6)  Our Wednesday Night programs will also resume next Wednesday - 9/16/20 - More Information
   7) Overflow will be available both hours because seating in the Worship Center will be every other row for physical distancing. 

We've developed the following guidelines for in-person weekend service.
  • We will offer Childcare for Birth-PreK each hour of worship. There is not an RSVP but space is limited to 2 classes per age and worship hour.
  • Children will meet in a large group format for Bible Study upstairs in the  (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th)
  • Youth will meet for Bible study at their respective worship hours  (6th-8th at 9:15am, 9th-12th at 10:45am)
  • The services will start at 9:15 & 10:45 am on Sunday.
  • To allow for cleaning, the doors to the worship center will open around 15 minutes before the service.
  • Please allow extra time to park and be seated. 

  • Seating will be available on every other row. Please allow for room between each family group or party.  Staff or Ushers will be available to help you find your seat in the Worship Center so that we might maintain safe and physical distances. 
  • There will be overflow available in the chapel and other areas if we reach the recommended seating capacity of the Worship Center
  • We anticipate there will overflow at the 10:45am service.  If you are able you might plan on attending the 9:15am service.  
  • Seating will be arranged with physical distancing between families. Families will be asked to sit together to increase seats available.
  • If you need special assistance for seating this Sunday because of a wheelchair or other device please contact
  • All pArking Lots are open, and Golf carts will be running and cleaned between worship services.
  • Families or individuals with special needs will be able to enter through the chapel doors to the right of the foyer entrance.
  • If you are coming for worship, the best places to park will be close to the main entrance in front of the Rock and the lot across Louisiana St.  
  • Please note Rockhill Rd. is under construction at the back entrance of the church and might affect how you arrive on Sunday. 
  • Please wear a mask while you are on campus. We asking anyone 10 years old and older to please wear a mask out of respect for others. The staff and worship team while on the stage may not wear one to help with the online experience.
  • Please try to maintain physical distancing with others throughout the campus and service, including the hallways, foyer, and Connection as you enter and leave the campus. 
  • Respect those around you and remember that you might not want to distance, but your neighbor may.
  • The restrooms around the campus will be open on limited use. Sanitation items will be available in the bathrooms for your use.
  • We will seat the downstairs first and will open the balcony to seating if we need additional seats.
  • For sanitation purposes, we will not have coffee or other items available. 
  • We have taken additional steps to make our campus safe - “Keeping You Safe Document.”
  • As we begin to regather regularly in person, we will continue to worship together online, as well. If you are not yet ready to gather in person or are in a high-risk category, please plan to join us online at our normal streaming services at 9:15 & 10:45am.

How to Watch Online

There are 3 ways you can join us online.  Because of different wifi and computer settings you might try more than one to find a feed that works best for you.  You do not need a login to watch on any of the sites, but you will need to login to participate in the chat or other features. 
For our deaf community, you can watch the service with an interpreter on the screen at
Because we want you to be able to watch, If you still have trouble you can find the raw camera feeds  or  but please be aware these are at a lower resolution.