Marriage CORE
mentor-led small group ministry to married couples of all ages
Jan 9-May 15, 6:30-7:45 | Chapel
Cost: $20 (workbook)
Children/Student activities are available 
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  • Provides an opportunity for couples to strengthen their marriage through discussing core aspects of every marriage.
  • Couples use a workbook to evaluate and explore their own marriage during the week.  
  • Mentor couples facilitate a small group on Wednesday nights that encourage couples to share and learn from each other. The small group experience helps each couple focus on areas of improvement and celebrate areas of success within the marriage.
  • Couples of all ages will benefit from Marriage CORE.

mentor-led ministry to engaged couples

Cost: $67 (assessments and workbooks)
Length: 4-6 sessions with the mentor couple

  • Provides marriage mentors who help walk the couple through discussions regarding important marital topics like communication, conflict resolution, in-laws, finances and more.
  • The engaged couple completes an initial assessment that helps structure the conversations with the mentors.