For many years First McKinney has used the phrase “Transform Your World” to identify our mission efforts. Through this we have sent many people around the world, into our community, our state, our nation, and to the ends of the earth. Lives have been changed in the name of Jesus Christ - those who go, those who receive, and those who encourage, support, and send. Through the years, we have gone from sending a few to realizing that the LORD God wants each of us to be on mission. We are “His witnesses” prepared to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we may go. Jesus Christ wants each and every person to hear His story of redemption and He uses us to tell that story.

We tell others that First McKinney is all about meeting needs, building relationships, sharing the Gospel, and teaching obedience. First McKinney’s mission is to LIVE and LOVE like that our neighbors, the nations, and the next generation will follow Jesus. We pursue this God-given task in two directions: within the church and beyond the church.

We are on mission within the fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ which is our church. We do this through discipleship. We challenge one another to learn and apply God’s Word to our lives. We pray for one another, we encourage, edify, love, serve, and care for each other in ways that in contrast to the world shows the love and purpose of Christ. Then there is the second direction to our mission, BEYOND! God does not intend for us to be content to live within the boundaries of our church. We are to be His witnesses outside of our community of Christians. It is an amazing assignment that Jesus gives us. We are to be the instrument of telling His story to others. While it may be comfortable in our circle, He wants us to go BEYOND, trusting that He will equip, prepare, supply and send us to those that are lost and dying eternally.

BEYOND is rich in meaning. We are to go beyond our friends, family and acquaintances by meeting new people and starting new friendships. As we listen to the stories of our new found friends, we can tell our story of redemption. Last year we explored what our “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and uttermost parts” (Acts 1:8) look like. We are called to go BEYOND our borders, outside of our walls, into the highways and byways. We are called by God to give BEYOND. In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul writes about the generosity of the Macedonian church that gave BEYOND their perceived ability. Jesus leads us to stretch BEYOND our comfort zones to minister to the hungry, naked, imprisoned, orphans and widows - the “least of these” (Matthew 25:34-40).

As we seek the LORD God’s direction in our missional effort, we are challenged to pray, give, and go BEYOND so that others will meet their Savior, Jesus Christ!

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