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Ryan Tew

Mission Pastor

Ryan is married to his wife Sarah, and they have two kids – Judah & Hazel. Ryan is the Young Adults Pastor and is responsible for overseeing the Missional Life area as well as our Family Sports Center. He believes that the Church is God’s Plan A for ushering in His Kingdom, and seeks to do this by making disciple-makers that worship and glorify Jesus in a way that is multiplied among their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Ryan loves the lake, skiing (water & snow) and spending time in the mountains with his family.
  • Favorite Book (Besides the Bible): Adopted for Life by Russell Moore
  • Favorite Past-time: Any sport  
  • Favorite Snack Food: Anything made by Little Debbie
  • Favorite movie from your childhood: The Sandlot & Toy Story
  • One thing we might not know you like: Reading & Music

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