Transform Your World Network (TYW)

First McKinney takes an active part in fulfilling Jesus’ command in McKinney and around the world! Through the Transform Your World Network, people are being mobilized to express God’s heart for the world by praying, sending, welcoming and going. Mission partners of First McKinney form Christ-centered communities around the world that help lead people to find and follow Christ. We are caring for the disenfranchised among us through Christ-focused care and concern, and God is using the efforts of the body of First McKinney and our partners to make disciples of all nations. Our hope is that, as we celebrate what God is doing, you will deepen your commitment and that you will decide to join First McKinney to help fulfill the words of Jesus. Let’s celebrate!
Personal Involvement
While everyone has a part in fulfilling God’s plan to help all people find and follow Christ, we are not all designed to fill the same role. Discover ways you are uniquely designed to help bring the kingdom of God to those who have not heard of Christ. To get involved or learn more, call 469.452.6926 or email
Nearly 3 billion people throughout the world are without access to the Gospel. Who will tell them about the saving message of Jesus? Pray for laborers to be sent to these people groups and nations so they can hear of Christ’s love for them (Matthew 9:37). Take time to learn about these groups by visiting the website of Operation World, This great resource will guide you daily as you pray for the world. You can also pick up our own Transform Your World Network mission partners’ prayer cards located in the Connection or online at

Senders leverage their resources, skills, and time to support the work of those engaged in helping those who don’t know Christ to discover His love. They provide logistical, financial, prayer, communication, and re-entry support for those serving in McKinney and around the world. Approximately $1 out of every $8 that flows through First McKinney is invested in missions. The generosity of the people of First McKinney allows us to have a powerful sending impact. Let’s celebrate how God is using the resources of First McKinney to send people to the world.

Welcomers recognize the strategic opportunity they have to make a global impact by reaching out to internationals living here in McKinney. They intentionally position themselves to meet internationals around them, invite them into their lives to build meaningful relationships and introduce them to Christ. First McKinney has the privilege of being positioned in a great area of internationals because of our proximity to Dallas/Ft. Worth where almost 25% of the population is foreign born. 1  Some ministeries that are helping us reach out to our international neighbors are as follows:
  • Bridges International:
  • Brent & Savannah Sorrels-Pan Asian Outreach:
  • Collin Baptist Assoc:
Goers are committed to take the gospel to those who have no access. They go as church planters, campus missionaries, business entrepreneurs, and more. Some go for a week; others go for years; and some, for a lifetime. First McKinney is involved with several people and church planting organizations through our Transform Your World Network. If you would like to go on a short-term mission trip or are considering a career path in missions, contact or call 469.452.6926. We would like to journey with you as you help all nations come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Mobilizers cast vision of God’s global heart for others to experience the love of Christ and are determined to bring as many people into that vision as possible. Mobilizers invite and mentor others into a lifestyle of praying, sending, and welcoming. They connect individuals to strategic opportunities to leverage their time, resources, skills, and lives to focus on those unreached by the Gospel.