Missional Life

Missional Life

We are committed to helping people find and follow Jesus through:

  • Church Planting: Starting Christ-centered communities that help others find and follow Jesus.
  • Christ-centered Compassion: Demonstrating Christ-focused care and concern for others.
  • Mobilization: Helping people find their place in expressing God’s heart for the world.
We want you to discover the joy that comes from seeing God use your unique giftedness to help others come to know Him. For 12 families this process has led to serving in locations overseas and across the United States. This discovery has led some to go across the street or to serve in our adopted school, Finch Elementary. The focus is not really location but obedience. The Missional Life Team is here to help you discover how God wants to use you in His mission. For more information email us at missionallife.com or call 469.452.6926 so that we can explore God’s leading together.

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