Bible Reading

Bible Reading Plan 

In 2022 we are following a one-year plan from BibleProject called One Story that Leads to Jesus.  This plan will inspire and equip us as we read through the entire Bible in one year. There are 150 animated videos to engage you in the Bible’s brilliant literary design and flow of thought.

Ways to Participate

Kids' Bible Reading Plan

We have created a simplified Bible reading plan for kids. Print it off here or pick up a folder upstairs in the Children's building on Sundays. 

helpful Hints

Locate the plan in the YouVersion Bible App (for smartphones/tablets):

If you search for the plan directly through YouVersion (to do this, click the plans button on the bottom of the app), make sure you get the "Bible Project | One Story that leads to Jesus"

No smartphone?
If you do not have a smartphone you can download the plan from the Bible Project

How to Study your Bible

Most people believe that personal Bible study is critical for spiritual growth. However, they don’t know how to get started, and they feel overwhelmed. As a result, they decide they need someone else to explain what God’s Word says and miss out on the incredible blessing of hearing God speak directly to them through the Bible.

We've created a resource to  help guide you through the process of studying your Bible.
There are additional resources located on this page to help you grow closer to God in your Bible study.  

Bible Reading RESOURCES

Recommended Books:

  • 30 Days to Understanding the Bible (by Max Anders) Understand in a basic way how the Bible is put together. Awesome foundation for everyone’s personal Bible study. 
  • Living By the Book (by Howard Hendricks)  Gives an inductive approach to studying scripture along with unique procedures for observation that will lead  to rich time with Jesus in His Word.

Additional Bible Reading Plans & Websites:

Get Connected:

There are two ways you can get connected:
These groups look a lot like the New Testament Church. In these groups, we devote ourselves to what the Bible teaches - to fellowship, to breaking bread and to prayer. We base our teaching on God’s Word and want to invite you to join a Life Group and dive into Scripture with other believers. Click HERE for find out more about Life Groups.

Our D-Groups meet together specifically to study scripture with discipleship in mind.
Click HERE to find out for more about D-Groups


A disciple is someone who lives and loves like Jesus. Our hope is to see each believer in our church body be a disciple-maker. That is someone who is teaching and holding others accountable to hear what God is saying, obeying what he says, and sharing what he says with others.
The Bible points us to this multiplication-mindset (Matt. 28:18-20, Mark 1:17, 2 Tim. 2:2) all throughout its story and our goal is to see the Word of God as the central piece and spiritual discipline to foster a disciple-making culture here at First McKinney.  We feel that is best done through what we call "D-Groups."