Regathering for worship

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RSVP For Services Starting Aug 16!


Starting August 16 you can RSVP for in-person worship. 

The link to RSVP will be located below on Tuesdays at Noon.  You will also have the opportunity to RSVP for childcare for Birth - Kinder.  Childcare is a separate reservation system because some people will be attending on-campus Life groups and will also use childcare. As a result, the Childcare RSVP does not guarantee you a seat in the Worship Center.  Space is limited for the childcare and the reservations system will only be available until Thursday night.  

Childcare Reservations for Aug 16: 

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RSVP Below For Services

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What To Expect for In-Person Worship

We've developed the following guidelines for in-person weekend services.

  • You will be able to RSVP via the Save-A-Seat tool at noon on Tuesday preceding that Sunday's services.  Space will be limited, and we anticipate the spots going fast, so please plan ahead.  
  • We will offer Childcare for Birth-Kinder each hour of worship. There will be a separate RSVP system for this. (



  • The services will start at 9:15 & 10:45 am on Sunday.
  • To allow for cleaning, the doors to the worship center will open around 15 minutes before the service.
  • Please allow extra time to park and be seated. 


  • Check-in will take place as you enter through the foyer doors.  You will receive a confirmation email after you save-a-seat that you can print out or show it on your phone at the doors.
  • Staff or Ushers will help you find your seat in the Worship Center so that we might maintain safe and physical distances required. 
  • Families will be asked to sit together to increase seats available.
  • Childcare is available for birth-kinder, but a separate RSVp is required for this.
  • Seating will be arranged with physical distancing between families. 
  • If you need special assistance for seating this Sunday because of a wheelchair or other device please contact [email protected]



  • The front foyer doors, located off Louisiana St. will be the entrance open for worship attenders.
  • Families or individuals with special needs will be able to enter through the chapel doors to the right of the foyer entrance.
  • The best places to park will be close to the main entrance in front of the Rock and the lot across Louisiana St.
  • We will not be using golf carts for sanitation reasons.
  • There are a few Life Groups meeting on campus and we are asking them to park closer to the FLC.
  • At this point, we will not be using Golf Carts to shuttle from the parking lots.
  • Please note Rockhill Rd. is under construction at the back entrance of the church and might affect how you arrive on Sunday. 



  • Please wear a mask while you are on campus. We asking anyone 10 years old and older to please wear a mask out of respect for others. The staff and worship team while on the stage may not wear one to help with the online experience.
  • Please try to maintain physical distancing with others throughout the campus and service, including the hallways and foyer as you enter and leave the campus. 
  • Please remember that you might not want to distance, but your neighbor may not.
  • The downstairs restrooms around the Worship Center will be open on limited use. Sanitation items will be available in the bathrooms for your use.
  • We will seat the downstairs first and will open the balcony to seating if we need additional seats.
  • For sanitation purposes, we will not have coffee or other items available. 
  • We have taken additional steps to make our campus safe - “Keeping You Safe Document.”



  • As we begin to regather regularly in person, we will continue to worship together online, as well. If you are not yet ready to gather in person or are in a high-risk category, please plan to join us online at our normal streaming services at 9:15 & 10:45am.


To answer several questions/comments we have received - We are limited by the number of seats because of physical distancing requirements and our pews, not because of the size of our room.  We have calculated that number to be right at 350 people in worship.  We are continuing to monitor the situation but are looking forward to taking the next step in our journey to regather.




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Important Questions

Be sure to ask the following question on behalf of your family/group before registering for or attending a service:

  • Am I showing any flu-like symptoms?
  • Have I had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 14 days?
  • Have I had exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Is there any medical reason why I believe I shouldn’t be around others?
  • Does my age put me into the vulnerable category according to the CDC?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we strongly encourage you to stay home and join us online in one of the following ways:


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Key Dates

Aug 16 - Regather Sunday

Aug 30 - Stadium Service

Sept 13 - Launch Sunday


Can't join in-person yet?

Join Us Online this Sunday - Watch online from our website

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