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Sherrilyn Price

Children's Curriculum Associate

Sherrilyn and her husband, Jerry, have two grown children, Kaitlyn and Cameron (and daughter-in-law, Megan.) Sherrilyn serves the Children’s Ministry as the Curriculum Director, providing a foundation for spiritual growth through engaging and age-appropriate Bible lessons, as well as providing support for grade-school programs. She is honored to partner with the Children’s Ministry staff and volunteers in
helping children learn how important they are to Jesus, and how to live and love like Him. Sherrilyn loves caffeine, carbs, alliteration, and all things Austen (Jane, that is.)
  • Favorite book: Emma (Jane Austen)
  • Favorite pastime: Reading
  • Favorite snack food: Peanut Butter M&M’s or Goldfish crackers
  • Favorite childhood movie: Lady & the Tramp
  • You may not know I like love: The color teal

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