Advent Season

Advent Blocks 2021  |  Dec 1 - 25

In this season of hurried living, we're inviting you to slow down and consider the story of redemption as we move toward Christmas. Treat yourself to a set of Advent blocks + family devotional guide to help bring the focus to Jesus every day. For adults, He Is Here is a 25-day Advent guide to help us prepare our hearts for Christmas too. While it’s made to be used on its own, it follows the stories in The King Is Coming, so everyone’s participating in Advent together.
You can Purchase in The Connection this Sunday between services., but if you are not able you can download one of the pdf's below.

Traditional Advent Celebration

  • The FIRST Sunday begin with either a prayer or a Christmas carol. Light the first purple candle and read the scripture for that day. Blow out the candle when you are done. Repeat this all week.
  • The SECOND Sunday light your first purple candle followed by the second purple candle, then read the scripture. Repeat this all week.
  • The THIRD Sunday light the pink candle along with the two purple candles, and read the scriptures. Repeat this all week.
  • The FOURTH Sunday is the week of Christmas Eve, so conclude the Advent season by lighting all four candles and plac­ing an additional white candle in the center holder, then read the scripture.
Fun ideas to conclude the season:
  • Have a Birthday Party for Jesus (complete with cake, the Happy Birthday song, candles and nonmaterial gifts).
  • Doing a Nativity play with sim­ple costumes.
  • As you prepare to open gifts explain how we give gifts as a reminder of how much God gave us in Jesus.